The Mino Paper industry was developed in Gifu, located in the center of Japan among bountiful mountains, rich with clean rivers. Mino Paper goes back at least 1300 years when the Paper was used for public registries, which are still housed in the Shoso-in,
located in Nara. The industry prospered along the Itadori river which is a branch of the Nagara river, and the fame of the Paper spread throughout the nation. The Paper has been used for writing, wrapping, and blinds for years. However, the usage has since expanded to include printing, wiping, copying, exhibiting, decorating and framing. Paper making has become a part of Japanese art and culture, as Well as many new uses in industry.

Under the circumstance, our corporation, the Marujyu Paper Company has established the system to meet the various demands of users. by supplying individuals and industry, small orders as well as large ones, with various kinds of paper for all needs.

We do our best to supply customers with
various kinds of paper for various needs,both large and small orders.

Highest Quality and Excellence of Craftsmanship

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